Passive income

Make money on your WiFi!

Get maximum of your free WiFi and make money with each connection. Netspot allows you to easily create passive income!

Brand promotion

Promote your brand!

Display your customers any information and raise awarness about your enterprise. Communicate with them in new attractive way.

New ad medium

Get new customers!

Brand new advertising space. Netspot brings whole new advertising network using free public WiFi hotspot where everyone can advertise.

What is Netspot

Netspot is a platform using WiFi hotspots for marketing purposes. Thanks to it it’s possible to use display of devices connecting to the WiFi for displaying any advertising information in an attractive form.

WiFi connection is standard not only in restaurants but everywhere where customers expect it. Display your customers advertisement during connecting to the internet and make money on it.

Your WiFi at your service!

Netspot device and all its functions can be easily set using intuitive web based administration right from your website browser. Simply and fast.

Simple Netspot installation

Simple Netspot installation

Netspot can be easily connected to your current network or create new one using Netspot devices.
Email marketing

Email marketing

Collect email addresses of your customers during connecting to the internet and use them for newsletters.

WiFi usage statistics

WiFi usage statistics

Thanks to Netspot you have complete overview of your WiFi usage. Display detail statistics online or use monthly reports.

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