Motivate your customers to visit you again and increase your sales

Simply connect Netspot to your current WiFi network and you can display any information, upcoming events or ask for their opinion.

Promote your offer

Offer your customers coffee or desert after lunch and increase sales.

Invite your customers

Motivate your customers to visit you again – invite them to your events.

Collect contacts

You can collect emails or get new Facebook fans.

Rotate welcomepages

You can rotate welcomepages during day and display different information.

Easy management

Content of the welcmepage can be simply changed
using web browser.

Immediate result

Your information or offer is displayed immediately to your customers during connecting to the internet.

Netspot has many features

Netspot from 120 EUR

In the case that you already have WiFi network you can purchase Basic Netspot. You can also create new WiFi network by using Netspot devices.

Netspot can be installed directly by our technicians or we can send you device as selfinstallation package with guide – it is simple and you can install without any special knowledge.

Netspot operation

If you display custom welcomepage you have to pay monthly fee based on number of impressions per month.

First three months are free of charge and then for 0, 10 or 20 EUR per month.

If you combine custom and advertisement welcomepages thanks to commissions you usualy dont have to pay fees.

I want to order Netspot!

Netspot usage examples

Netspot is used by