Advertise on free WiFi hotspots

Most of the people in restaurants  and public places are connecting to WiFi from their mobile phones, tablets and laptops. Netspot brings new advertising space. Use customers’ mobile devices for displaying advertisement in restaurants, coffee shops, shopping centres, waiting rooms and other public places.

Netspot network has few hundreds of thousands impressions each month. In more than a half cases is user redirected to landingpage of advertiser. Netspot can be used for displaying certain offer and also redirect users to advertisers html page with more information. Click-through-rate (CTR) is more than 50%.

Why advertise on Netspots

  • Highly targeted advert – it is possible to display avertisement to cusomers and visitor of certain types of enterprises (restaurant, coffee shops, waiting rooms etc..) target localy (city or region) or display ads only in places with certain type of beer or non-alcoholic beverages.
  • New advertising medium – advertisement during connecting to the internet using WiFi is for many people new and it’s easier to get their attention.
  • Growing target group – target group is growing not only with higher number of installed Netspots but also with people who are using smartphones and tablets..
  • Collecting emails – thanks to Netspot you can collect email addresses and phone number for marketing purposes (sending newsletters etc.)
  • Remarketing possibilities – Netspot can be used also for remarketing purposes. For example you can target your advertisiment for all people who visited restaurant on last Friday. Remarketing is very effective tool.

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