WiFi in chains and franchises

Netspot devices are great for chains and franchises. Thanks to Netspot you can inform your visitors about your other restaurant and support them by creating contest for your customers. Many people travel and visit various shopping centres and their favourite food chains. Provide them comfort of easy WiFi connection and create contest for them which will increase your sales.

How contests work

Principe of the contest is to insert email address or phone number (or both) during connecting to the internet in your branches on different days. After reaching certain amount of visits customer recieves SMS or email with unique code to collect his prize.

Netspot automatically recoginses users device so it is not possible to share his email on more devices (and more people). Reinserting of email or SMS is possible only once during certain time period. Thanks to this feature it is necessary to visit your branch again.

It is possible to compete in different branches or insert customer’s detail always in the same branch. You can also ask visitor for his reciepts with date and time when he inserted his details.

Contest can be created for example each month (each user will count only once a month).


Customer has to insert his email or phone number on four different days so he can reinsert his details again after six hours of his last visit. After inserting details for the fourth time he will recieve email with unique code and he can get free drinkg or discount for his purchase.